I believe in a world where men and women connect effortlessly, with pleasure and fulfilment for all

Hi, I'm Brett

I'm on a mission to transform the world, seeing a future where all men and women live happy and fulfilling lives full of all the juicy sex, deep connection and unforgettable experiences they desire. 

I'm a men's sexuality and relationship coach, Tantrika, and Sacred Sexual Healing Practitioner. I studied with the International School of Temple Arts, completing their Level 1, 2 and Practitioner Training courses, as well as with various Tantra schools around the world.

The profound realisations and growth I had during this period made me leave my old life as a programmer and dedicate my life to helping others remove the guilt and shame around their sexuality and empower themselves to live the life they dream.

I've helped dozens of people around the world with my one-on-one coaching programs, body-work, sexual healing sessions, and many more through teaching workshops and live-streamed online events on topics like Tantra, BDSM and Sexuality.

Latest Articles

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Why you need to know about power exchange (and it’s not just for kinky people)

Playing with power, dominance and submission, is an integral part of being human, and it’s inside of you whether you’re aware of it or not. Will you choose to own it or leave it in the shadow? Back when I started to explore my sexuality, I used to be what you could class as super

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Why porn is killing your libido

Why porn is killing your libido and making your dating life suck.

Guys, there’s something that might be killing your libido and relationships.⁣⁣ ⁣ A client of mine shared his hardships with me recently. He was saying that he spent all weekend at a festival with beautiful girls everywhere, and not once had he really been turned on by a woman there, with a real physical reaction

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How are you living outside alignment?

How are you living outside of alignment?

How are you living outside of alignment? Do you ever feel like something is not quite right? Like there’s one side you show the world and another in the shadows? Like there’s the side you show the world where you have your sh*t together, and another where you are panicking, drowning, and not knowing what

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