July 28

Bang it out.


Bang it out.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words.

Sometimes in your relationship it can feel like you are caught in a loop of arguments, fighting and negative feelings, with neither side able to break the pattern.

Legends tell of Alexander the Great and the Gordian knot. This was a mythical piece of rope which many tried to untie and everyone failed. When Alexander saw it, he simply drew his sword and cut it in half.

The solution to arguments and fighting is often not more words. Fuck it out.

Don’t get me wrong, communication is massively important in relationships. To have a healthy relationship, you must communicate your needs. The point I’m trying to make is that sometimes continuing the argument is just building up the negativity and resentment, and to get back to a place of positivity before any discussions can be meaningful.

Great sex helps remind us of why we got into a relationship in the first place. It releases chemicals in the body that help us feel positive and loving. From this place of positivity and loving, many problems can be solved and resentment forgotten.

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About the Author

Brett is a Coach, Tantrika, Daka, and Sacred Sexual Healing Practitioner. He has studied with the International School of Temple Arts, and with various Tantra schools around the world.

Born and raised in Australia, Brett has spent more than five years traveling the world, learning from the best of the best in Tantra, Shamanism and kink worlds. As part of this experience, he has also been studying and experimenting with different forms of relationships such as polyamory.

The deep realisations and growth he had during this period made him leave his old life as a programmer and dedicate his life to helping others remove the guilt and shame around their sexuality and empower themselves to live the life they dream.

Brett has helped dozens of people around the world with his one-on-one coaching programs, body-work and sexual healing sessions, and many more through teaching workshops and live-streamed online events on topics like Tantra, BDSM and Sexuality.


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