I believe in a world where men and women connect effortlessly, with pleasure and fulfilment for all

Want to be part of creating that world? I'm teaching men how to truly connect, to be amazing lovers, and to blossom the women of this world into their true feminine nature... and I'm starting with you.

Ever feel like you always miss having a genuine connection with women... like sex feels mechanical... disconnected...

You're in bed with a beautiful woman... 

Things started innocently enough. You talked to her in a bar... or on the street, or you matched on Tinder... You invited her for a drink. 

You listened to her, shared yourself... you were present. You felt the sexual tension rising... you kissed her... and you invited her back to your place to enjoy each others company. 

Or maybe it's a woman you've been dating (or married to) for some time... 

Now it's time to get sexual. You're both feeling it. You're a man, you know you have to lead this situation. 

But where are you taking it? What is the experience you are giving? 

You start following your script. Maybe you kiss her neck, fumble with taking her top off... stimulate her nipples a bit. One thing leads to another and pretty soon it's over. 

Maybe you feel some temporary relief... and then the doubts creep in. Did she enjoy it? Will she want to see me again? Did she fake that climax? Did I last long enough

The next time you have sex, the doubts get a little bit more. You feel like she's pulling away from you. Or that you can't give her the experience that she's craving. 

12 Week Consciously Masculine Coaching

Over 12 weeks we are going to work together to transform completely the way you relate with women, the results you get, the relationships you have, and the pleasure you thought was possible in life.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Working With Me

We'll be working together for 12 weeks, online,  to unleash and transform your masculinity, sexuality and understanding of the feminine. Each week will involve 1 on 1 coaching, lessons, missions, and accountability. Most importantly, you'll have access to me to help you achieve the sex and connections you dream of.

Learn to be fully present and connect

I will teach you how to connect with women on a level deeper than words. To be fully present. To unleash your masculinity and blossom her femininity. 

Learn the techniques and knowledge

You will learn techniques from Tantra that will allow you to control your ejaculation perfectly. How to melt her with your words. How to touch her. How to kiss her. Her erogenous zones and how to stimulate them. And how to give her the mind blowing orgasms she craves

Learn to understand her reality... and give her experiences she'll never forget

You'll learn to understand female sexuality. How to create experiences that will last a lifetime. How to be dominant in the bedroom. To create a journey that will be exciting for both of you... or all three of you ;-)

Get your questions answered and understand your "why"

Coaching is not just about teaching... I will be digging deep into your "why", looking into your shadows, calling your bulls#$t, and questioning the stories you tell yourself that are holding you back from the life and connections you want. 

Here’s what people are saying about my coaching...

James W.

My girlfriend turned to me and asked: "Did we just have sex for 4 hours?"

Watch the video to see how James' relationship to sex, relationships and masculinity have transformed since working with me

Ishvari Melanie

Tantra Teacher


Brett is an amazing facilitator and coach

that really embodies what he is teaching. With a beautiful, balanced and integrated masculine energy, he is totally able to guide men to develop and grow towards healthy masculinity, as well as how to understand and relate with the feminine. I totally recommend!

Jake D.

Chef - Tel Aviv

Brett has a calm, solid demeanour and his conviction gave me the confidence to do things I would have otherwise been too afraid to do.

I’m guilty of accumulating information and not taking enough action. Brett picked up on this pretty quickly and it was only once he confronted me that I was suddenly painfully but happily aware of how many excuses I make in order to sabotage my success.

I felt for the first time a sense of what an actual seduction is like. It felt like a turning point for me and something I don’t think I would have been able to experience on my own without coaching.

What can you expect to learn on this journey?

Here are the main modules we'll be covering during our coaching together


Module 1: Foundations

We'll be setting the foundations for your sex life, relationships to others and yourself to be built on. You'll learn to redevelop your self-relationship and self-image, and to recognise and rewrite the stories you tell yourself. You'll learn the real elements of great sex. And you'll learn how to communicate effectively and negotiate


Module 2: Masculine Mastery

You'll learn to lead and be dominant. You'll work towards being able to have sex for hours (and becoming multi-orgasmic). You'll learn the root cause of so-called erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation... and how to beat it every time. And you'll learn to build true masculinity and to keep polarity.


Module 3: Feel The Feminine

You'll learn the myths and reality of female sexuality. The different female erogenous zones and orgasm types (and how to stimulate them). You'll learn about dirty talk, and how to make love to her mind before her body. And you'll learn how to give unforgettable massage and sensual touch.

About The Coach And Guide For Your Transformation,

Brett is on a mission to transform the world, seeing a future where all men and women live happy and fulfilling lives full of all the juicy sex, deep connection and unforgettable experiences they desire. 

He helps bring this about by transforming the men of this world to embody healthy masculinity, teaching them to be present and empathetic with their partners, and to understand female sexuality and pleasure on a deep level.

He lives what he preaches, practicing and teaching tantra and sacred sexuality, conscious relationships and non-monogamy, BDSM and kink, and having juicy experiences all around the world. 

Brett loves to help men unleash their inner irresistible masculine self and give their gift to the world, no matter what their starting point.

strength carrying her

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