The Extraordinary Lover

Men's Sexual Mastery Intensive

Most men never access their full potential as lovers.

  • Historically men have not had access to conscious, true, holistic teachings about sexuality. This has as resulted in generations of men being taught about love & sex by pornography.
  • Apart from the common issue of premature ejaculation or the inability to last “long enough,” men are confused and feel a sense of helplessness in relation to their sexuality.
  • If you are anxious about your performance, or thinking your way through sex - you are not having good sex. 




"Hi there, we are Brett, Kristin and Andreas. Our mission is to help men become exceptional lovers, to connect with their embodied masculine core, to connect with women and provide experiences that will help them expand and have extraordinary lives and relationships. We are here to bring more love, connection and juiciness into this world. More on us later..."

Do you feel like your partners eventually get bored of sex with you and start tolerating it instead of craving it?

Do you feel anxious about getting your partner off? Is she faking those orgasms or are they real?

Or after sex with someone new you feel empty and disconnected from yourself and your partner... and just want to run away...

Or you worry that you are not big enough to really satisfy a woman...

Maybe you decided to dive in and try to learn about the techniques of being a great lover. You had some questions, like:

  • How do I talk dirty to her, what if I say the wrong thing and she gets offended?
  • How do I make foreplay easy without seeming like a chore I need to do before we can have sex?
  • How do I express my desires and fantasies to her, and how can I get her to tell me her’s?
  • What exactly do I do with the clitorus anyway? 
  • Where is the illusive G-Spot?
  • How do I eat pussy like a master?
  • How can I make a woman cum with penetration?

You even learned or mastered few of these techniques...

Then you try it out on a woman and she doesn’t reach orgasm.

Or it works a couple of times, and then the next time… nothing

What the hell is going on?

She desires your loving presence, not just your techniques...

By combining our many years of shared experience in the fields of Tantra, BDSM, Conscious Kink, Men’s Work, Conscious Female Sexuality and Open Relating, we have created a unique retreat that is a once in a lifetime chance for you to become the sex god that women dream of.

We believe that the best way to learn this information is to experience it for yourself. This workshop is 80% hands-on (literally). We will not subject you to hours of theory and lectures. Each session, you will receive a direct transmission of the techniques and mindsets from the coaches. After that, it's time to practice with one of our models. We will be on hand to provide coaching and feedback at all times.

We want to make sure you are rested and recharged each day and can focus fully on internalising everything you are going to learn. We’ll be providing all accommodation as well as meals during the training. Everything except for your travel to the venue will be taken care of.

You are going to burn through what is holding you back from embodying your sexuality. Get ready to be the lover that deep down you always knew was possible.

This retreat is not just another Tantra, Kink or Sexuality workshop
It's time to get real.

  • We are taking a maximum of six students for this retreat, meaning there will be a maximum of two students per coach.
  • We have a team of open-minded, sensual women to practice with. One per student.
  • You get direct feedback from the coaches and the models, all inside a safe, judgement-free environment.
  • You will make deep and lasting change, to your self-image, how you show up as a man in this world, the way you relate with women, and your skills and presence in the bedroom.

It's time to discover your inner warrior and conquer your demons

  • Never suffer premature ejaculation again. You will learn the hidden tantric techniques to master ejaculation control and last as long as you desire
  • Having a hard time getting hard? We are going to dive deep into the causes of erectile dysfunction, and exactly what you can do about it. 
  • Ever feel like the sex starts great but gets routine as a relationship goes on? Sex will never be boring again. You’ll learn how to unlock the deepest sexual fantasies of women, and how to play them out.
  • Do you experience shame, guilt & fear around your sexual desires? Learn how to let go of old stories and work with your desires in a way that empowers your life 

Meet Your Coaches

Andreas Vinyard

Andreas is a dedicated dating and sexuality coach working with his clients in intensive coaching and mentoring programs.
He looks back on many years of experience as a coach in different fields.
Before he found his purpose in teaching communication and sexuality, he has been training soldiers in the specialised armed forces (Germany) to control their mind and communication in life-threatening combat situations, gained anatomical and psychological understanding working as a certified personal trainer, nutrition- and health coach for many years.
He learned from the worlds best experts in seduction, sexuality, inner game strategies and NLP.
But most important: he has been through the trenches himself. He overcame burn-out , depression and shame by facing his fears over and over again. It is his passion to use these experiences to teach you sexuality, healthy relationships and open communication.
“Men carry the amazing gift of creative power. It is my purpose to help them channeling this energy and setting it free with good intent instead of neglecting, suppressing or misusing it. My clients build healthy and respectful connections with the women they desire”

Brett Christensen

Brett is a men's sexuality and relationship coach, Tantrika, and Sacred Sexual Healing Practitioner. He has studied with the International School of Temple Arts, completing their Level 1, 2 and Practitioner Training, as well as with various Tantra schools around the world.
Born and raised in Australia, Brett has spent more than five years travelling the world, learning from the best of the best in Tantra, Shamanism and kink worlds. He has also studied and immersed himself in the world of open-relating, with many years of personal experience and coaching others.
The profound realisations and growth he had during this period made him leave his old life as a programmer and dedicates his life to helping others remove the guilt and shame around their sexuality and empower themselves to live the life they dream.
Brett has helped dozens of people around the world with his one-on-one coaching programs, body-work, sexual healing sessions, and many more through teaching workshops and live-streamed online events on topics like Tantra, BDSM and Sexuality.

Kristin Knight

Kristin Knight is a gifted coach and dedicated tantra practitioner. She has been clearly guided to work with & empower men in their conscious sexual awakening.
Kristin has been studying sacred sexuality for ten years, more recently becoming a certified coach in men's sexuality & tantric sex from the Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality.
She masterfully guides clients using the most effective tools for transforming the relationship to their bodies, minds, emotions as well as liberating trauma, self-limiting beliefs & sexual blockages. This gives way to a thriving, vibrant and connected state of self love, sexual wholeness and power.
"I believe sexuality is a powerful portal to raising consciousness on the planet, and by choosing to work with men, I am in service to the whole as together we build a new paradigm of conscious relating. I often encounter men who are confused about their societal role, given the rise of women's empowerment, liberated sexuality, success in professionalism and the abundance of choices available to women today. More than anything I want men AND women showing up in their sovereignty and maturity in service of love, truth and consciousness.”

Learn The Secrets Of Tantra

  • Be initiated in the ancient art of Tantra. We’ll teach you to be magnetically present, embody the divine masculine, control and move your sexual energy, master your ejaculation and more
  • Ejaculation Mastery - Learn the secrets of the Tantric and Taoist masters to take complete control of your ejaculation and have sex as long as you like 
  • Penetrate Her With Your Eyes And Your Energy - Learn how to use your energy and presence to make love to her without even removing your clothing. 

Becoming an embodied man

  • Getting comfortable in your own skin, working on body image, limiting beliefs etc - this is fundamental to stepping into your power, confidence and showing up as a superior lover
  • Movement and breath-work - a somatically embodied approach to unlocking the natural life force in your body
  • Powerful Emotional release techniques and deep work - letting go of the past, habitual ways of being, traumas, emotions, and experiences

Creating amazing sexual experiences

  • Understand the one thing that makes truly great sex (hint: it’s not just techniques…)
  • The importance of polarity - understanding the force of passion that arcs between the masculine and feminine poles thus creating the flow of sexual feeling. It is this force of attraction that is the dynamism that often disappears in the modern relationship.
  • Understanding the sensual experience and how to create the perfect set and setting… even if you’re travelling and staying in an Airbnb

Let's get kinky...

  • Unleash your inner dominant. Learn how to step into the dominant role and provide powerful polarity in your sexual encounters and relationships.
  • BDSM - Creating scenes, negotiating, power exchange, playing with pain, roleplay and much more
  • Feel confident spanking, flogging, commanding, talking dirty. Removing stigma and shame
  • Explore your creativity learning the art of ropes and bondage, including shibari techniques.

​Upgrade your relationships

  • Ethical non-monogamy (polyamory, open-relating) understanding different models for relationship. Decondition yourself from everything you have been forced to accept from modern culture
  • Understanding relationships as a means of growth, awakening and personal empowerment. 
  • What is Sacred Union and how to embody this ancient way of connecting

​Understanding female sexuality

  • Think women are less sexual than men? Think again. You’ll learn the truth about how female sexual desire really works and exactly how to stimulate it ​
  • Learn why she craves your sensual touch, foreplay, dirty talk 
  • ​Learn the key points of female anatomy, primary and secondary erogenous zones
  • ​Energetics of masculine/feminine - how are they different, how are they the same

​When And Where...

  • When: The intensive coaching week will be 26 April - 2 May 2020
  • Where: The intensive will be held at a secret location, inside the Barcelona, Spain
  • Accomodation: We will be providing accommodation in apartments in the best areas of Barcelona. You will have a private room and will share an apartment with up to two other students.

What People Are Saying About Our Programs

Ishvari Portrait

Brett is an amazing facilitator and coach

"Brett is an amazing facilitator and coach that really embodied what he is teaching. With a beautiful, balance and integrated masculine energy, he is totally able to guide men to develop and grow toward healthy masculinity, as well as how to understand and relate with the feminine. I totally recommend him!

Ishvari Melanie
- Tantra Teacher, Ibiza Spain

““This week had a huge impact on my life. It changed the way I perceive dating and sex big time.”

“It was so valuable to work with a model who could give solid feedback. All of a sudden we were doing tantra eye gazing, and getting very connected very early on. We both opened up to each other, and I got to practice on someone who got to speak her mind and give me incredible feedback

- 31, Real Estate Manager, Texas USA

“I can build better connections with women using BDSM"

“For a long time I thought BDSM is just for kinky people and maybe for perverts... and what I discovered from Brett is that it's actually a tool for spirituality, and I can build better connections with women using BDSM. I thought that the type of women that I'm into would be disgusted by that, but actually I found out was they wanted it more than I did! Role playing helped us, helped them get out of their mind, out of being in control all the time, and into enjoying the moment

Omer B
- 33, Internet Marketer, Israel

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What Other Clients Are Saying

“practice in a safe environment and receive honest feedback from real women."

“The communication class with the model was really eye-opening. It is amazing having the chance to practice in a safe environment and receive honest feedback from a woman.”

- 42, Architect, Germany

“It was powerful to hear perspectives from the female model"

The retreat gave clarity around dominance and submission. It was powerful to hear perspectives from the female model.
I came away with more confidence to experiment and particularly to clearly communicate desires with my partner.

R. Red 
- 33, Meditation Coach, Spain
(real name and image protected for anonymity)

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of contact will I have with the models?

Will I be forced to do anything I'm not comfortable with or against by ethics/boundaries?

How do you ensure hygiene, health and safety? 

What else do I get included in the price?

​Will anyone find out I'm doing this workshop?

P.S.: This is a limited time and once off opportunity to learn the skills of an extraordinary lover from coaches who live and breath it, while practicing with real models, in a beautiful location. 
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