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Sex on the chakras


Sex on the chakras

If you’ve ever done yoga you probably have an idea about what a chakra is. These are energy centres in the body each with their own characteristics, including an associated element

While there are 7 chakras, I will talk about the lower 4 here as they are most interesting when it comes to sexuality

So what does it mean to have sex on a chakra, and why should you care? This is a concept which comes from Tantra, usually used as a form of spiritual development. It’s equally useful as a language for talking about our desires with our partner(s). Each chakra has a distinct touch and sexual style. See if you can recognise yourself or your partner below

Muladhara – Earth element – Located at the perineum, lovemaking here is raw, animalistic, instinctual and rough. Think of tearing off your partner’s clothes, without thought. Sex is hard and pounding. You grunt like animals, you may bite and scratch each other in a playful way. Tribal drum beats are playing in the background

Svadhisthana – Water element – Located slightly above the genitals, lovemaking here is smooth, seductive, lustful and juicy. Think of seductive eye contact, flowing movements, passionate wet kissing. Both partners are emotional and romantic, lost in the trance of their lust for each other. The Weeknd is playing in the background

Manipura – Fire element – Located around the navel, making love from here is hot, passionate and fiery. One partner is dominant, the other submissive. Sex is characterised by control, and can be physically rough with hair pulling, slapping, and deep penetration. There is no romance here, just action. Spanish flamenco music is playing

Anahata – Air element – Located at the heart, lovemaking from here is gentle, sweet, soft and loving. There is a loving look in the eyes, the movements may be slow, the touch light and airy. Think about making love with your heart open, completely devoted to your partner, with pure loving thoughts.  The Titanic theme song is playing

Remember: While your partner may have a preference for a particular style, everyone is fluid. It can change based on their mood, cycle, or any other reason!

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About the Author

Brett is a Coach, Tantrika, Daka, and Sacred Sexual Healing Practitioner. He has studied with the International School of Temple Arts, and with various Tantra schools around the world.

Born and raised in Australia, Brett has spent more than five years traveling the world, learning from the best of the best in Tantra, Shamanism and kink worlds. As part of this experience, he has also been studying and experimenting with different forms of relationships such as polyamory.

The deep realisations and growth he had during this period made him leave his old life as a programmer and dedicate his life to helping others remove the guilt and shame around their sexuality and empower themselves to live the life they dream.

Brett has helped dozens of people around the world with his one-on-one coaching programs, body-work and sexual healing sessions, and many more through teaching workshops and live-streamed online events on topics like Tantra, BDSM and Sexuality.


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