Ishvari Portrait

Ishvari Melanie - ishvaritantra.com

"Brett is an amazing facilitator and coach that really embodied what he is teaching. With a beautiful, balance and integrated masculine energy, he is totally able to guide men to develop and grow toward healthy masculinity, as well as how to understand and relate with the feminine. I totally recommend!"

James Whittet

James Whittet - ​jameswhittet.net


Omer B - Berlin, Germany

"For a long time I thought BDSM is just for kinky people and maybe for perverts... and what I discovered from Brett is that it's actually a tool for spirituality, and I can build better connection with women using BDSM. I thought that the type of women that I'm into would be disgusted by that, but actually I found out was they wanted it more than I did! Role playing helped us, helped them get out of their mind, out of being in control all the time, and into enjoying the moment"


Jake - Tel Aviv, Israel

"I’m definitely one of those guys who’s guilty of accumulating information and not taking enough action. Brett picked up on this pretty quickly and it was only once he confronted me that I was suddenly painfully but happily aware of how many excuses I make in order to sabotage my success.

I felt for the first time a sense of what an actual seduction is like. It felt like a turning point for me and something I don’t think I would have been able to experience on my own without coaching.

Brett has a calm, solid demeanour and his conviction gave me the confidence to do things I would have otherwise been too afraid to do.

I’ve noticed lately I’m much more calm in my interactions with women and much less needy... I have a sense that the next opportunity to connect is always right around the corner.

I feel like I finally have some real tools to work with moving forward and no longer just theories."

R. Red - Chiang Mai, Thailand

"Brett's workshop gave clarity around dominance and submission. It was powerful to hear perspectives from the female perspective as well [Brett note: An experienced female submissive worked with me on this workshop]. I came away with more confidence to experiment and particularly to clearly communicate desires with my partner."