Yoni Massage and Mapping

Embrace Pleasure as a Pathway to Healing

Yoni is a Sanskrit word referring to the entire female reproductive system, including the external and internal parts or the genitalia as well as the womb and ovaries.

Yoni massage is a beautiful practice of activating and opening the flower, without a goal or endpoint in mind. For many women, it is the first time they have had this sacred part of them approached with the slowness and presence required to fully open and drop into the pleasure and sensation that is possible. This creates a new reference experience and helps to re-pattern the experience of Eros.

Women often report that their satisfaction in both their sex life and self-pleasure practice improves dramatically as a result.


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It's Best For

Working with emotional blocks

Through a process called de-armouring and Somatic Experiencing, we find points in the body that are holding stuck emotions and use somatic techniques to bring awareness and release them. 


Vulvodynia (pain at the entrance) and vaginismus (internal pain due to tight muscles) can lead to painful intercourse and challenges in relationships. Yoni massage and mapping may help in a safe and non-invasive way.

Heightening pleasure

Through yoni mapping, we build awareness and sensitivity to the erogenous zones both inside and outside. You'll learn to feel exactly where your g-spot, a-spot and cervix are and what type of touch they enjoy.  

Being held in softness and slowness by the masculine

The experience of having the yoni approached with softness and slowness by a man can be deeply healing and repatterning all on it's own.

Achieve profound breakthroughs in a 2 or 3-hour yoni massage and mapping session with Brett

Through this somatic sexual healing experience, you will gain new levels of release, empowerment, and heightened spiritual, emotional, and sexual awareness.

Accessing sustained pleasure and ecstasy in any area of your life requires a willingness to go into the wounds and shadows that have been lodged in your body’s cellular memory.

During these sessions, we will dive deeply into the wisdom held in the body, traversing into the emotional realm to release any blocks keeping you from being your fully integrated self.

Each session is different and is tailored you, your experience level, and especially your boundaries. Sessions can include intimate touch or no touch at all, and still be just as powerful.


I'm currently based in Northern Rivers Region, NSW, Australia. The temple space is a short drive from Byron Bay, Mullumbimby, Lennox Heads, Ocean Shores, Suffolk Park, Bangalow, Brunswick Heads, Lismore and more.

Optionally I can travel to you (additional charge depending on travel time/distance).

Whats the setting?

Sessions are performed in a beautiful dedicated temple space. Candles, tapestries and an altar help to create a sacred space for the session. 

You can expect the space to be warm, clean, tidy, and sanitised between sessions. 


I'm Brett

I work with women who are seeking to transform their relationship with their sexuality and their body. Sometimes they are simply seeking more pleasure, and sometimes they are struggling with experiencing numbness or pain inside.

I support them to discover the full range of sensation and pleasure possible within and remove any blocks to their full expression.

They go from feeling pressure to fake their enjoyment to satisfy their partner, to feeling empowered, confident, and fully owning their own pleasure.

I've been practicing yoni massage and mapping for over 3 years and have given more than 200 sessions in that time. Read some of the stories of real transformation from women I've worked with on this page!

I'm on a mission to transform the world, seeing a future where all men and women live happy and fulfilling lives full of all the juiciness, deep connection and unforgettable experiences they desire. 

I'm a sexuality and relationship coach, Tantrika, and Sacred Sexual Healing Practitioner. I am a graduate of the International School of Temple Arts, completing their Level 1, 2 and Practitioner Training. I have also studied with various Tantra schools around the world.

How It Works


We connect on a free introductory call. This gives us a chance to feel safe with each other, for me to structure the session, and for you to understand what will be involved. 


You arrive for your session. We drop in together and discuss our boundaries, and your intentions and desires for the session.


We create and drop into a sacred container where all you need to do is receive. You receive loving presence, healing touch and transformation. 


24 to 48 hours after the session, I'll check in with you. Big realisations often happen in the time after the session! This allows you to share your experience and integrate the wisdom that was unlocked in the body.

What is Yoni Mapping?

Yoni mapping is more of an active process than massage. What we are doing is helping you build a "map" and increase your awareness of how touch feels in each place. What does it mean to have a map?

For many women, the sensation inside the yoni is dispersed and fluffy, a bit like a cloud. If you were to close your eyes and have someone stroke the skin of your arm (or almost anywhere on your body!) you would be able to tell exactly where they are touching, with what kind of pressure, and maybe even with what part of their body or object they are touching you! Now think about an experience where something is inside you. Are you aware when something is touching the upper wall? How about to the left or right, or how deep it is? How about when it touches your cervix, or g-spot, or a-spot?

Yoni mapping can help to build that "map", allowing for higher levels of pleasure, sensation and awareness. This empowers the yoni-bearer to take on full responsibility for their own pleasure, to feel into exactly what is most nourishing for them in each moment and call in more!
Together, we map out places of pleasure, numbness, pain or burning that may be present outside and inside the yoni. Then, we work to bring sensation to those areas of numbness, and change areas of pain and burning into pleasure.

Real Success Stories

I did a yoni mapping session with Brett and it was amazing. I really felt a genuine connection and so much trust with Brett that I could fully express my thoughts, fears and intentions before the session in an open and authentic way... 

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I did a yoni mapping session with Brett and it was amazing. I really felt a genuine connection and so much trust with Brett that I could fully express my thoughts, fears and intentions before the session in an open and authentic way.

This helped me to relax and drop into the session with curiosity and allow any sensations, feelings, thoughts and pain to be experienced without fear. Brett were fully present and I could feel straight away he knew what he is doing and could read me and my body.

For the first time in my life I got to experience touch of different spots inside my yoni and got them mapped out for me which spot was where, how it felt on the spot and even in the rest of my body. I got to feel the different kind of sensations I earlier couldn't separate from sex or self pleasure which was really interesting.

Together we find a few different spots where I held pain unconsciously and Brett helped me release and letting go off the pain. He did so by mixing up the pain with pressure on the spots where I felt pleasure and I could feel the pain ease out and leave my body.

This was such a beautiful experience for me because I had limiting beliefs that I was a bit numb inside my yoni and now I know that is just not true and that I can clearly feel all the spots. I felt really alive and excited after the session.

There is so much potential in the future for me to explore different kind of orgasms and not just stick to the clitoris and the g spot. Thanks Brett for mapping out my yoni and give me more access to my own body and pleasure


Sydney, Australia - SOULINTIMACY.COM.AU

Hey Brett, to be honest with you nothing major came up - other than feeling like I had the most magical experience with you. I felt so honoured and special and it’s highlighted how much I don’t want meaningless sex in my life. It’s empowered me, and I thank you for that. Probably the most deeply pleasurable experience I’ve ever had at the hands of someone else... thank you 🙏🏼

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Byron Bay, Australia

At the end of the session, I was in a space of serenity while feeling pleasant sensations in my body and balanced energy flow. This was a deep physical, emotional and spiritual experience that empowered me and helped my release blockages...

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The session with Brett started with a clear explanation of what will happen during the different stages. As a result, I had an understanding of the process and felt at ease.
After making sure I was ready, we begin diving deep into body therapy that, to my surprise, flooded many emotions which I wasn't necessarily aware of, or didn't understand the connection between them...

During the session, I got a better understanding of the message I was to receive, and it was accurate and liberating in the moments that the emotions were intense, I was fully held and supported. I could let myself be free and authentic because it was safe.

The emotional release tools that were offered gave me a chance for new perspectives on issues I've been carrying for a long time.
At the end of the session, I was in a space of serenity while feeling pleasant sensations in my body and balanced energy flow. This was a deep physical, emotional and spiritual experience that empowered me and helped my release blockages.


Koh Phangan, Thailand

The importance of emotional release and flow...

One of the biggest things blocking us from our full expression is emotion held in the body. 

Bodywork sessions, and particularly yoni massage/mapping often unblocks emotions which have been stuck in the body, sometimes since childhood. This unblocked energy needs an outlet, otherwise it will simply become dormant again.

Brett is trained in powerful techniques to help unblock and flow these emotions, while brining awareness to their source

Powerful emotional release tools

When needed, Brett will guide you through time-tested ways to come out of freeze, express anger, grief, frustration and more. 


Aspecting is a technique based in gestalt therapy. When an emotion comes up with another person at its source, we use this technique to clear it.

Boundaries, Consent and Safety

Boundaries and consent are at the core of making this a safe and nourishing experience for both you and the practitioner. Brett is trained in and trains others in how to have meaningful conversations around this topic. 

All sessions are conducted within the boundaries set by us at the beginning of the session. The practitioner will ask for consent in the form of a clear, verbal yes or no before both external and internal touch of the yoni. You can change your mind at any point and as many times as you desire, both giving and withdrawing consent. At the same time, the practitioner will be fully present with you and watching for any freeze response that may be coming up, pausing, checking in with you, and taking slowness before proceeding.

Once the massage starts, the touch is one way from the practitioner to the you. This is a beautiful gift, as there is nothing that you need to do other than receive!

The practitioner remains fully clothed throughout the experience, with the exception of removing the shirt by mutual consent. 

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 Trauma and disclaimer

Although I approach all of my work in a trauma informed manner, Yoni massage and mapping is an alternative modality and is not recognised for the treatment of any medical or psychological conditions in Australia. Whilst I believe in and have witnessed the power of this work, no guarantees can be made as to the outcome. If you have any reason to believe that you may have been impacted by trauma, please do seek out treatment or advice from a qualified professional before considering a session with me. If you are currently undergoing therapy, I suggest discussing first with your therapist whether this modality is right for you. 

Hand on heart of lover

Why Receive This From a Man?

Yoni massage and mapping is almost exclusively performed by women for women. As a man doing this work, I hold integrity, consent and clear communication as my highest values. I also believe that receiving this work from a man is something unique and can be deeply healing of past wounds around the masculine. 

As a being with a strong masculine essence, holding space and presence is in my DNA. And through years of practice, I approach this work with the slowness and care required for the feminine to be able to fully trust and drop in to deep levels of receiving. 


Northern Rivers, NSW

Brett was an amazing space holder. He listened to my needs and desires for the session with a lot of care, and was able to create a session tailored exactly to them. I felt very held and it was healing to be nurtured and cared for by such a strong and gentle man. Brett is intuitive with his touch and a natural at melting blocks and spots of pent up emotion in the body.


tel aviv, Israel

With Brett as my therapist, the experience was super positive; I felt safe, guarded and trusting... When I felt too exposed or was holding back, Brett could immediately tell and helped me return to the present moment... I felt him with me...

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The session is still in my head, I’m dealing with each memory separately, and I’m going in depths with them and the emotions they brought up. It has been both extremely beneficial and frustrating so far.
Beneficial because dealing with some memories helped me gain consciousness to specific thinking patterns that I want to change.
And frustrating because it made me realize I still have a lot of healing to do and things I was hiding.
With Brett as my therapist, the experience was super positive; I felt safe, guarded and trusting.
Brett’s sensitivity together with his analyzing and problem-solving skills really expressed themselves during the session with each difficulty I had.

When it was hard for me to make a sound when I breathe, Brett did it with me, and it just worked. When I felt too exposed or was holding back, Brett could immediately tell and helped me return to the present moment. When I was having difficulty to confront my demons and express painful emotions, Brett insisted and motivated me.
I felt him with me. And it was a compelling experience.


Pricing and Booking



90 Minutes

A short path to bliss. Recommended for repeat sessions only.



2 Hours

Experience loving touch and presence in spaciousness.



3 Hours

Have the ultimate experience of being held in loving presence. Perfect for a first session.



$100 discount


Includes 1 x 3 hour session and 2 x 90 minute sessions



$120 discount


Includes 1 x 3 hour session and 2 x 2 hour sessions



$180 discount


Includes 3 x 3 hour sessions

Frequently asked questions

Will I have an orgasm?

Whilst orgasm often does occur (and is celebrated if it does!), it is not the goal of the practice. The practice is about deep listening, slowness, and helping you build a new relationship with your yoni and sexuality.

What makes you qualified to do this work?

I trained in this art first privately with expert practitioner in Thailand, and later graduated from the ISTA Practitioner Training, a comprehensive and intensive training course for doing this work, including many hours of supervised practice and coursework over a period of 6 months. Since then I have completed over 200 sessions in a professional capacity.  

Will this cure my...

As this practice is not a recognised therapy by the TGA, I can't make any claims as to it's efficacy. You can read the testimonials above to see what kind of results some of my clients received, and I'm happy to share more on a call.

Can this service be discreet?

Each session is conducted with discretion and in a dedicated, warm and beautiful temple space. Testimonials and names are posted with consent only. I hold a strict client confidentiality policy and do not discuss personal details of my clients or anything shared in a session with anyone else.  

Is there any aftercare or support offered post session?

Yes. I check in with each client within 24 hours of completing a session and provide support if needed. 

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